Tassendert Ring


Tassendert Ring


This ring is remolded from an original hand crafted Tuareg ring.  It is the custom among Tuareg people to exchange rings as a sign of affection or friendship. Tassendert or Tuareg rings are an amazing miniature reflection of the Tuareg universe of symbols that hold memory & cultural meaning.

  • Plated sterling silver or 18k gold

  • Handmade in New York City



MHART is a jewelry and accessories brand based out of New York City. 

MHART is influenced by tribal art from around the world. The line has an unusual modern vintage feel, designed for today's Modern Bohemian man or woman.

Our goal is to design jewelry that will last years to come. By creating pieces that are not only physically long lasting, but also long lasting style wise.
MHART jewelry is not meant to be worn for a trend one season, then tossed aside. It can be worn season after season layering with old and new pieces already in your collection.

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