“Jewelry for modern bohemians who appreciate handmade artwork and unique style. Each design has a special element on it.”


Michael Hartney, founder of MHART jewelry, draws inspiration from different places such as India and Africa. All the materials come from cultures and tribes from all around the world.




S.N.C based in Buffalo and working closely with the local farmer for the yarn; natural dye or original hair color... as straight forward as the brand name could be.



R.R is upcycle military materials by military spouses all over the U.S. Parts are made and shipped to Dahlonga, GA to be assembled. The product cycle of each product is as intriguing as the store behind its material.  


Make-Up Pro by Chika Chan is a New York base makeup studio that dedicates in educating the new brew of Pro Makeup artist. As well as providing A-list hair, make-up and nail service.

We much appreciated to have them as our neighbor and that their senior artist glammed up our model on the day of our Summer'14 photo shoot.